About NMES

Nepal Mahila Ekata Samaj (NMES) is a network organization of landless (Squatter & informal settlement) women scattered throughout 40 districts of Nepal.

With the intention of establishing a safe and just society, the women at the landless, Sukumbasi, and informal settlement, in 2056 B.S. established Nepal Mahila Ekata Samaj.

In 2057 B.S. the organization got its official registration and has been working for the women at landless, Sukumbasi, and informal settlements since the time of their issues.

To bring the changes in the already existing policies that have been made for the women at the landless, Sukumbasi and informal settlement and also to introduce and raise the new issues and for its implementation, the organization has been advocating and coordinating in the local, province and national level. 

For the landless women’s social, economic, political empowerment and the organization has meaningful participation in the local and national level programs and also have been organizing similar programs to it.

The organization’s central and focused theme is the pain and injustice that the landless, Sukumbasi and informal settlement women have to face, working in this particular background and area the organization has been working particularly against the forced displacement and the patriarchal thoughts rampant in the working areas that bring injustice to women. In the same way, the organization has been working for the skill and capacity development of the landless women to live a dignified life.

The organization has its networks in 40 districts of the country and out of it, it has been actively implementing the program in 15 districts.

Similarly, it has set up its office and has been advocating their rights at the East (Jhapa) and West (Dang) province levels.


Nepal Mahila Ekata Samaj visions a just, equity-based, non-discriminatory, peaceful, and inclusive society.


To work for the quality life provision, secure and safe settlement of the women from landless and informal settlements.


  • To build up the networks of the organization for the effective work in the area of women’s rights.
  • Organize the campaigns and programs in the national level in order to reach the policy level to ensure women’s land rights, social justice and equality.
  • To organize the capacity building trainings for the young women about rights to safe and secure settlement.
  • To coordinate and collaborate with the stakeholders for the land rights.


  • Collective effort
  • Empowerment
  • Inclusion
  • Accountability


    • Group formation, mobilization and upgrade
    • Capacity building and leadership trainings to the landless women
    • Coordination and Collaboration
    • Evidence-based advocacy
    • Advocacy based on the national and international level information and law
    • Case collection
    • Increase awareness raising (Landless as well as other communities)
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